I’m really lazy, sorry. Here’s a picture of a drain in Melbourne.


My First

My First

The Insulation Factory was what kicked off my obession with urban exploration of abandoned buildings. One of the big 4 abando’s in Melbourne, of which only 2 are left standing.

Where old people go to die

‘Splored with Murdoch & Chair after a tip-off, I found this place a little sad with pictures/cards and personal belongings of the residents still left behind. It was a good building for a small explore and something fresh. Twas a good day. Should be hitting up a second one soon.

Melbourne 2013


Sorry for the delay.

Sorry for the long delay, I got lazy!

Here’s a set from an abandoned high school in Melbourne. This was probably my favourite high school explore. Large campus, multiple buildings and levels, and a large variety of different areas. It was trashed fairly quickly after close, and had alot of foot traffic going through it.

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LS High School

LS High School

A High School that has since been demolished in Reservoir, Melbourne. Shut at the end of 2010, Students at the school were relocated to the nearby William Ruthven Secondary College. It became trashed fairly quickly, with some creative rooms and … Continue reading